gallery Why Travel Photography ?

I often get asked how did I get ‘into’ travel photography …

A typical story you meet someone who has a hobby ( photography ) and before you know it, it then becomes YOUR  hobby because you get bored hanging around waiting for them to get the shot. So you figure,  if you cant  beat them then you  might as well join them . Then, and I’m not sure how , or when it happened, but you really get into it,and before you know it, your the first one jumping out of bed to the catch the sunrise at 6am.

 There’s nothing better than capturing a great sunrise 

My biggest photography moment came in 2013, when I was awarded runner up in the Travel Photographer of the Year ( TPOTY ) with ironically a picture shot taken here in London entitled ‘Waterloo Stepping’ and I achieved my dream of being published in Tpoty’s annual year book ( journey 5 ).

 My proudest moment so far, exhibiting in the Royal Geographic Society in London 

Then last year in 2014,   I was one of the three winners on Visit Greece’s Instagram competition, and whilst in Greece this summer in 2015, I was delighted to find that my Greece images were featured on the BBC Travel Show, an honor indeed . 

 The winning shot in Discover Greece Instagram competition ..  
 Thrilled to get a mention on the BBC Travel Show

All this just fuels me along for my next challenge, to continue shooting and hopefully come up with more amazing shots to share!!. 



  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on why you got into photography! Do you have a real preference over Canon vs Nikon? Heather is the photographer in our marriage and prefers Nikon but I think both are truly great brands and it just comes down to personal preference!


    • Yup I waited two years for my 60d never thought is spend the same amount as a mulberry bag on a piece of glass but I know what I’ll get more is of , just bought a canon m body today second hand as carrying a 60d all day is proper heavy so got a light body that I can use my DSLR lenses on so a win win I hope !!!…


  2. Brilliant insight as to why you got into photography! I got into it as I mainly wanted visual memories of the places I have travelled to, but I now love taking photos and editing them to show off, and to try and create pieces of art!


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