image Souk Life Marrakech – a photo diary

A picture diary which transports you into the souks of Marrakech ….


Whilst very tempting, I tried to explain to the stall holder, I had a hand luggage only plane ticket, not hand luggage plus very large rug ,cushion ,lamp etc ….


Taking home a stuffed camel is tourist law in marrakech…..









Marrakech is definitely not a place where you will struggle to to find something to eat, the main problem is trying to figure out what it actually is your eating , sometimes its just best to tuck in and don’t ask.










Orange is definitely the juice of choice in marrakech


After fighting your way through the Souks treat yourself to a run down and steam here ….



  1. “Taking home a stuffed camel is tourist law in marrakech…..” WELL I should certainly hope so! lol… you’re pictures are sooooo small, Natasha… and I can’t enlarge them … wanna see!

    hope you’ll post a picture or all on the group site!? don’t want to add to posting being a chore… it can certainly seem that way sometimes but… as I said … in the long run, it will be worth it to come back and read all the beautiful memories.

    oranges? man, that looks good


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