Dear Airbnb, is this the end of the love affair with the independent traveller?….

With the re launch, and the unveiling of Belo the werid  new logo. The cats out of the bag that Airbnb are now chasing the corporate dollar, so is this the end of the love affair between Air bnb & the independent traveller ?.


Booking with Airbnb is like a box of chocolates, you never really know what your going to get, til you arrive on the doorstep.Though I always find, that bringing  a nice pack of posh English tea for my hosts, breaks the ice every time.

Just to state for the record , I love Airbnb . I’ve been a host, and rented out my London apartment to some great people ( and the money was very handy towards my own travels). I’ve also been hosted by other Airbnber’s and always had a positive experience thus far. 

The thing that I love about Airbnb is, I can stay somewhere, that if not for Airbnb I wouldn’t get access to stay.


I’ve had a chic flat in Paris, a holy Vatican bnb in Rome, and a venetian flat share for Venice Carnivale, as I said already, I love Air bnb.
But there is definitely a change in the air excuse the pun. 

What with ongoing legal issues in New York,  that just won’t seem go away, its pushed Airbnb down a path, that I fear I won’t be able to follow. From its humble beginnings of an air mattress on the floor, to a funky logo & a slick new website, I fear that the affordable, small quirky hosts, are going to be replaced with more business friendly ie bland / corporate hosts, thus losing the whole charm that attracted the independent traveller to Airbnb in the first place.

So as I look forward to my next booking , AirBnb hear my plea , don’t go changing, cause we loved you just the way you were ….



  1. I sincerely hope that AirBnB does not change 😦 I too have had some wonderful experiences as an independent traveler and I hope that I will continue to have them!


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