image My Iceland Photo Diary….

I confess, Iceland had never been at the top of my travel bucket list, and when the opportunity arose for me to visit, I went purely out of curiosity. So after raiding TKMaxx for every last piece of thermal clothing, little did I know what was in store apart from the envitable freezing cold temperatures of course!. 

As a photographer, one my pet hates is trying to shoot around hoards of tourists. The beauty of Iceland is, the midnight sun allowed me to visit Iceland’s natural attractions, literally in the middle of the night tourist free .

So when everyone had headed home for the day,  I hopped in my hire car, and drove the golden circle on a virtually empty road. When I made it to the black sands of Vik ,  it was approaching 1am, but it felt more like 9pm, and everywhere was deserted, a travel photographers dream .

Check out a few of my best shots …


Hallgrimskirkja is Iceland’s biggest and most famous church , be sure to spend a few kroners and check out the amazing views from the top of its tower. 


Vik is Iceland’s southernmost village, located on the golden circle route about 3 hours out of Reykjavik.  It’s home to black sands and the sea stacks of Reynisdrangar. 


Iceland is known for its outstanding natural attractions, namely their waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skogarfoss pictured below



The view from behind the waterfall was pretty amazing and a bit scary , bring good footwear !!


There is a small steep path to the right to climb to the top , if your brave enough !!


Along the way , I also stopped by Iceland’s geothermal fields to check out Strokkur, Iceland’s most active geyser erupting every 4-8 minutes reaching 40 feet high, step back or you’ll get wet!!.


A little Geysir 


Only in Iceland , the polar bear store .. 


Don’t tell the kids what happened to Ruldolph …


The must have Icelandic jumper ….


I even found time for a spot of Whale watching unfortunately on this occasion the Whales didn’t get appear to get the memo that I was waiting for them to join me …. 

In conclusion maybe I was a little harsh on Iceland , it was an amazing place , extremely expensive but totally worth it and firmly in the diary for a return visit. 

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