#ImAnAthenian – On the road to recovery ….

I’m not sure what I expected to find on my recent trip to Athens. What with Greece’s well documented financial woes, 6 years of recession and ongoing unpopular austerity measures I was surprised to find a that despite being on its still knees financially Athens was fighting it’s way back up.
Athens , often thought of as a historical destination, on this trip, I wanted to move away from exploring Athens well documented past, and start looking forward to Athens future, and what I found was totally unexpected.
To help me on my quest, I met Vanessa a true Athenian keen to show off her City , part of the Athens Greeter programme, who gave me a frank insight into the Athens of today. Sure Athens has had it tough, but people seem to be thankful for what they’ve got rather than what they’ve lost and are still fiercely proud of their city .
As Vanessa guided me round the streets of Athens from the bustling squares to the vibrant food markets it was a real assault on the senses for me.
As I walked around the streets of Monastiraki in the early evening , it was buzzing with activity, people hanging out enjoying the weather , meeting friends , having a coffee , old men on street corners putting the world to rights, in the heart of the city.
Its evident that family & friends are everything to Athenians , mixed with great local food and excellent Greek wine. From rolling my first overstuffed vine leaf at one of Athens oldest taverna’s preparing for a greek feast , to sampling the wines produced in the hills overlooking the city.



All of this wrapped up in a city covered in changing street art on every corner alongside ancient history. Athens is indeed my kind of city for #ImAnAthenian



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