Suite life at Everglades Hotel Derry …. 

The blogging world is a funny one , not 2 weeks earlier,  I was cursing my misfortune at booking into a hostel in Berlin , 5 nights at party central, was definately not for me. I came home totally shattered, after a week of sleeplessness. 

Fast forward , and I’m back on the road to Derry, Northern Ireland , and little do I know my luck is in 

After a 4am start , and with a long drive across London out to Stansted airport, to catch my morning flight to Derry.  I had my fingers crossed that I’d be able to crash in my room for a few hours. As it turns out I ended up dropping my bags, and rushing off out to check out the Derry Temple. 3 hours later,  I’m tired , cold and knackered after hanging round in a field on the top of the hill literally. 


So by the time the cab appeared around midday,  to drop me back to Everglades quite frankly I would have sold my soul for some crisp white sheets. 

So as I trudged upstairs to my room, little did I know what my stay held in store. 
When you open the door to the Woodrow Wilson Suite, the first thing that hit me was the sheer size. I know it’s a suite, but this was ridiculous, 2 sofa’s , a super king sized bed , and a dining table for throwing that impromptu dinner party. 


So after I had my Julia Roberts Pretty Woman moment ( you know the bit when she bounced on the bed ) I had a hot bath ( the cute rubber duck was generously provided ) and I promptly crashed out for the afternoon. 
After my nap, I woke up totally starving , so while  in Derry,  I thought what better then to partake in the local speciality  of a Derry Stew.  Consisting of minced beef meatballs, potatoes, loads of veg  and lashings of gravy. It was delicious and filling and just the thing I needed, before heading back out to watch the burning of the Derry Temple. 


After standing in a cold field half the night  , I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel , I’d seen the Temple burn to the ground so it was time for me to hit those crisp white sheets. 

After a well deserved lay in , I ventured downstairs for a spot of breakfast. The Everglades pride themselves on providing healthy breakfast options, no stodgy pastries here , the buffet style breakfast had plenty of fresh , locally sourced products, I even spotted some Guinness bread. 


So with no plans for the next day and a late flight,I had the plenty of time to just hang out and enjoy a bit of Suite Life as you do . I never understood people who shell out for a really nice room, but don’t spend any time in it . I found it surpringly easy to waste away the whole day starfishing in the kingsized bed and working my way through the fruit basket. 

There was only a couple of niggles that I found during my stay , the bedside was lacking plug sockets, and as someone who has to be ready for every Twitter emergency, I had to charge my phone on the sideboard sockets, which lets face it was a good walk across the room. Other than that a mini bar would have been quite nice for some vino and some chocolate in case you got an attack of the midnight munchies. 

All in all I had a great overnight stay at the Everglades, and found all the staff I meet welcoming and helpful, be sure to check them out on your next visit  to Ireland. 

Massive thanks to general manager Neil Devlin and his team for hosting  me during Temple 2015. 

Everglades hotel,  is part of the Hastings hotel group and located on Derry’s Waterside area. Overlooking the River Foyle with views across to the hills of Donegal, this 4 star destination provides a bright and comfortable welcome to Derry~Londonderry, the lively heritage and cultural centre of the North West.

Everglades Hotel, Prehen Road, Derry, BT47 2NH T: +44 (0) 28 7132 1066, F: +44 (0) 28 7134 9200


  1. Stunning property. It does more look like a five star than a four star property. I especially love the many fruits you got. That’s always a very special (and at the same time) healthy treat 🙂


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