Exploring London’s Best Chocolate Hotspots 

There’s not many things that can drag me out on bed on a Sunday morning , but I was on a promise from London’s Chocolate Ecstasy tours. A three hour walk round Chelsea, uncovering some of Londons best chocolate connoisseur hotspots, I mean what’s not to like. 

I figured that, as I was going to be walking nearly a mile round town, that any chocolate consumed, would most certainly be burned off , so it was a win win all round.

The tour kicked off with warm welcome from our guide for the day Hazel a self confessed lover of all things chocolate , with  a luxury hot chocolate in hand we started with a quick lesson in the chocolate basics. 

Our first stop and starting point was at renowned chocolatier William Curley, awarded ‘Britain’s Best Chocolatier’ by the Academy of Chocolate four times.  

After a quick chocolate education, came the best bit, the tasting part …

Forming a not so orderly queue ….. 

 William’s book Couture Chocolate received the Cookery Book of the Year Award 2012. 


With  the first stop  done, and three more on the list to go, we headed down to stop two Artisan Chocolate. 

Artisan du Chocolat’s founder, Gerard Coleman trained as a pastry chef, and then as a chocolatier in Belgium, before opening his first store in 2000. He created tobacco chocolates for Heston Blumenthal at The Fat Duck , after giving them a try , they are certainly an acquired taste just not mine !!. 

strictly for the smokers ……..

A truffle heaven …..   



As we headed for stop three , I must admit I was feeling pretty choc’ed out , but struggled on , I mean it’s not all about me, it’s about the chocolate right

Stop three provided a small respite at Pierre Herme, bringing a little taste of Paris to Belgravia with his delicious macaroon and chocolaterie that opened  in 2010. 


Did I mention, that I love macaroons even more than chocolate ? 


Two of my favourite things , chocolate & macaroon together yum …. 


After tearing myself away,  we headed for the fourth and final stop Rococo founded  in 1983 by Chantal Coady. Rococo’s slogan is ‘once bitten, truly smitten’ uh oh …. Well I wasn’t quitting now. 

we visited their flagship store in Belgravia’s Motcomb Street, ( they have 3 stores in London) with a secret garden, and a small cafe in store there’s every excuse to linger over a hot chocolate whilst buying more chocolate of course .. 
 The perfect chocolate makers 1st hamper ….


Guide & chocolate maker herself, Hazel was on hand to answer all those burning chocolate related questions , and yes it really is good for your health and no you shouldn’t keep good chocolate in the fridge.  


All good thing come in small or enormous packaging depending on the budget …. 

So after four stops , countless tastings , a  divine hot chocolate, it was time to disembark the tour  and head home . As a long time chocoholic,  taking the tour was the perfect way to introduce me to better choice of chocolate , no more purple wrappers for me I’m a bean to bar,  single origin , 70% cocoa kinda girl now. 

The Tour 

The Chelsea Chocolate Tour 

Location: Chelsea/Belgravia
Duration: 3.5 hours

Walking distance: 1 mile (1.5 km)

Price per person: £45

Maximum guests on public tour: 10

Every Sunday at 11.30am; some weekdays

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours began in 2005, the founder, Jennifer Earle, wrote a list of things she loved which included, chocolate, meeting people, talking, eating and London. From this she brainstormed how she could start a business and – voila! – Chocolate Ecstasy Tours was born. Check out more of their tour including the new ice cream tour at http://www.chocolateecstasytours.com 

Please note I was given a complementary tour in order to write this review , but my opinions are as usual all mine . 

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