No photos please,we’re the Guggenheim….

After being on my travel bucket list, for what seemed an eternity. When I finally made it to the Guggenheim in Bilbao Spain , my initial joy turned out to be short lived. 

There I was, excitedly planning my photo frenzy day at the Guggenheim ….

 Jeff koons ‘Puppy’ 

  Be sure to spend some time hanging out in the impressive atrium 

But that was until I caught sight, of their somewhat draconian photography policy. 


For an organisation that is supposed to encourage creativity, over 80% of the exhibits, your not allowed to photograph. Then the minuscule 20% they do tolerate you taking pictures of , your dictated to as to where you can take your shot. There’s one pre marked photo spot on the floor and woe betide anyone who strays. So everybody is jostling for position like the paparazzi at a film premier.    

Clearly they were following me on Twitter, and knew I was coming. It felt like I had my own personal staff member stalking me round the museum to make sure I didn’t stray from the spots.

 Shot from the spot !! 

To be honest as a photographer it totally ruined my experience , what was meant to be a fun shooting day at the Guggenheim , turned into an hour at most. If I can’t shoot it, I’m a very unhappy bunny indeed , (see what I done there lol). 

Would I go back ?, should you ?, well if your like me and love to photograph anything that moves,then your in for a frustrating visit. 

For me until they change their policy,  I won’t be returning, which is a big disappointment. 

Here’s the shots I was allowed …. Enjoy  




  1. I have so far only encountered this policy once at the Sports Museum in Melbourne – I thought it was rather a bizarre policy and disappointing for children in particular who may of wanted to photograph things pertaining their sporting heroes.

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  2. I’m very very annoyed when this happens! Well Guggenheim in NYC doesn’t allow ANY photo of the exhibits you can only shoot the atrium (which to be honest is more interesting than any piece of art in there) and I’ve come accoss a museum about pop art in Tate Modern that also included Koons where I think photography was not allowed (or else why I don’t have any photos). I guess it was up to Koons as well and not only the museum!


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