Getting a Chocolate education at Grenada’s Chocolate Festival

Ok I admit , if my life depended on me knowing how you actually made chocolate, I wouldn’t  have a clue. So when I was invited to Grenada’s 2nd chocolate festival, it definitely sparked my curiosity. Launched in 2013 and hosted by True Blue Bay Hotel, the festivals organisers , I was surprised to learn that Grenada was right up there with the big boys, as one of the top producers of high quality cocoa and chocolate.   


Attending the festival gave me the opportunity to meet everyone involved in the Bean to Bar process, as well as actually getting involved in the process myself. 


It was 10 days of everything chocolate from eating it , tasting it , making it , drinking it , covering my face in it , I learnt more about chocolate in those 10 days, than I knew about chocolate in the last 40 years . Check out my week in chocolate ….literally  

 It all starts with the cacao pods , everything is done by hand from picking to opening the pods to get the beans 

  My afternoon at cocoa farmers Crayfish Bay,  gave an insight into the sheer backbreaking work it takes, from harvesting the beans, until the point they are actually ready to make chocolate. 

In Grenada there are two main chocolate bar producers, The Grenada Chocolate Company, founded by the godfather of Grenadian chocolate the late Mott Green and continued on by co founder Edmond Brown   

 The late Mott Green 

 The Willy Wonka of Grenadian chocolate Edmond Brown 

And Diamond chocolate company who gave us a guided tour round their factory floor … 

 New kids on the block Diamond Chocolate Company 

And with plenty of talks , tastings, and educational sessions scheduled all through the festival, there was plenty to keep me busy. I particularly enjoyed a session with Muncho Mundo Chocolate, a premium Mexican chocolate brand, who enlightened me as to the health benefits of dark chocolate, at last proof that a bit of chocolate everyday day does wonders yay !!.

  Oh no, not more chocolate to try ….

 Making good use of the cacao pods     

  Some  peoples chocolate obsession, clearly got way  out of hand …     

Hiding round every corner, there were people  tempting you with  chocolate baskets, just screaming out for you to reach in and taste.

After 10 days of back to back chocolate, it was time to hit the road back to Blighty, but not without loading up a few bars to bring home , for purely medicinal purposes of course .


I had an great experience at the festival, meeting some amazing people, passionate about Grenadian chocolate , long may it continue … 


Check out my cheeky flipergram …. !!

If I’ve tempted you to find out more about Grenada & it’s unique chocolate industry, go to  for more details on next years festival.

The 4th Grenada Chocolate Festival  “Creating Generation Cocoa” is scheduled for May 13 – 22, 2016  


  1. As confirmed chocoholics, we will definitely have to check out Grenada’s Chocolate Fest. We bought chocolate on Grenada but didn’t get a full chocolate production lesson until we visited St Lucia. We just visited Grenada and spent our time at the underwater sculptures. We even missed stocking up on chocolate. Our loss. Thanks for sharing this.

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