Time flies at the Zurich West 25hr Hotel …. 

Ok so it’s true , it’s well known  I love a design hotel, but more importantly I love a functional design hotel . For me, it’s  got to look  great as well as making sure there’s somewhere to hang your coat. But it also has to feel comfortable, so your not scared to ruffle the blankets. 

25hrs hotels is a fun quirky hotel brand, that doesn’t seem take itself too seriously. Which in  an ultra conservative city like  Zurich, was a surprise to find. Despite being located slightly out of town in Zurich West, it’s certainly worth the trip out.

Location wise coming straight from the airport it was a case of , jumping on the airport train into the main station, then upstairs onto tram 4 for a 10 minute ride to the hotel, and it’s right by the tram stop, the total journey time was under 30 minutes and it’s  clearly signposted all the way. 

Lounging around the hotel is positively encouraged here, with all the communal areas dotted all around, and with a couple of Macs to use it’s ideal for hanging out if you want to get out of your room.



My room was light & spacious, and the bed was comfortable with an extremely cute fluffy blanket that I got quite attached to, but alas certainly wasn’t going to fit into my carry on bag .


The bathroom was clean & slick, and I was loving the gorgeous tiles , it was stylish, and with full sized Eco bath products , which made a welcome change from fighting with usual tiny toiletries bottles. 


But what I really love, is all the extra quirky touches from a cheeky pillow ….. 

To a boom box speaker , perfect for that in room party 


They even loan you a trendy Freitag bag , so you can fit right in with the Zurich cool kids ( note it’s a loan people, not gift !!) .  


And if your feeling particularly energetic, they’ll even lend you a bike to have a cycle around town 


Then after all that, there’s a pretty great breakfast too , with a cheeky tipple on offer to start your day right …. 



Though the highlight for me , was the tea bar with fresh leaf tea, as a Brit it was totally appreciated. 


The only tiny grip I had during my stay,  was not having hot drinks available in my room. I for one can’t face my day right, without having my in bed morning cuppa , it’s a British thing forgive me. But all in all I had a great comfortable stay.

With 6 other hotels in the chain in Hamburg , Berlin, Frankfurt and Vienna , I look forward to checking out more of the 25hr family.  it’s firmly an ESST recommended . 

Check out more about 25hrs on their website http://www.25hours-hotels.com 

please note my 2 night stay was given complementary in order to write this review , but my opinions are as usual all mine. 


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