Hostel life at YHA London … 

London has one of the highest room rates in Europe, at an eye watering average of £126 per night.

So if your planning on visiting London with your family, get ready to give your credit card a bashing, or maybe not….

Introducing the YHA, short for the Youth Hostel Association , but banish all thoughts of cold showers and German exchange students out of your mind.
With hostels all over the UK, it’s a great way to tour the UK, with dorm beds or family friendly private rooms, to suit all budgets.

Also some of the money you pay for your accommodation, goes towards providing free & subsidised summer camps places for underprivileged kids. So you get a great deal, and get to feel all warm and fuzzy inside at the same time.

YHA Oxford street is located in the heart of London’s westend, just steps from Oxford Circus, Londons biggest shopping street.

There’s a friendly 24hr reception, with a buzz in system in the evening , so the hostel is reassuringly secure.

There’s a communal kitchen where you can either have the breakfast provided by the hostel, for a reasonable charge or you can use their facilities and make your all your meals, the kitchen has fridges & cooking equipment to use free of charge.

There’s even a lounge , so there’s no huddling over your dinner back in your room.

As I’m no spring chicken, I opted for a private room, rather than a dorm bed. The private rooms are made up of single and bunk beds, perfect for sharing as a group or family.

Check out my in room video below …

Not forgetting the all important shower situation, some YHA hostels do have ensuite facilities,  but Oxford Street is all communal, but there’s plenty of showers to go round on each floor. I found the toilets & showers spotless at all times during my stay, so it was definitely bearable. But don’t take my word for it,  check out my in  shower video below …

Whilst my stay was far from luxurious, if your looking for a budget friendly, functional accommodation in one of the world most expensive cities , you won’t go far wrong with a YHA stay.

YHA has five central London hostels , but be sure to book early as rooms go fast, check out these and their other hostels all over the uk at
If you fancy a break to the British seaside, be sure to check my earlier review of YHA Brighton here …

Thanks to YHA who very kindly hosted my stay in order to write this review, but as always opinions are all mine . 


  1. I agree completely with your comments about how good this hostel is. I took a dorm room with 2 beds (I was traveling with a friend), and it was really comfortable and private. The showers were always clean and nice, the staff is very helpful, giving tips and recommendations. Also, the location is perfect. I always recommend it, and I’m definitely going back if I ever go to London again (I’m from Chile).


  2. I liked a lot your post! I stayed at this hostel in January and it was very pleasant, also to look your photos and remember , thanks for sharing


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