Edinburgh, Scotland the worlds best festival city … 

It’s official, if it’s a festival vibe your after, Edinburgh, Scotland is officially the best place in the world ….. to catch a festival.

Edinburgh & its festivals is an unparalleled destination for performers & visitors. Edinburgh festivals attract an audience of 4.5 million. The Edinburgh Fringe is the largest arts  festival in the world, with 3269 shows with a total of 50,266 performances. So if you love a festival , Edinburgh is the place for you.

There are 12 major festivals in Edinburgh, which means there’s always going to be something on during your visit. I’ve been luck enough to catch three of them below.

Edinburgh Hogmanay 30th Dec – 1st Jan                     http://www.edinburghshogmanay.com

The 3 day festival begins with a torchlight procession , with 40,000 participants end on 31 st December with a massive street party, and welcoming in the New Year with the traditional midnight fireworks , over Edinburgh Castle ending with the worlds largest rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

Read more about my Hogmanay experience here http://wp.me/p4AB93-sA 

Edinburgh International Science Festival 1st April – 16th April http://www.sciencefestival.co.uk  

Edinburgh’s annual science festival is one of europes largest science events. The two week festival is aimed at the whole family, from toddlers right through to adults, with events scheduled daily.

I was lucky to attend this festival with my 12 year old , I recommend this festival for any science mad child.


The Edinburgh Fringe.                                4-28th August 2017                                            http://www.edfringe.com 

The Fringe is the place for a performers from all over the globe flock to Edinburgh for a chance to perform see and be seen.

Primarily it used to be a comedy festival , but now also encompasses theatre, dance ,music and street performers. The festival takes place over 250 venues from a venue the size of large cupboard holding 25 to theatres holding 1,000.

Anyone with a show to put on  can approach a venue,  and take part , there’s no vetting so the quality can be great or pretty dire. There’s also free events happening every day so it doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket either . If your a culture vulture the Fringe is a must see.

How to get to Scotland ? 

There are now a number of flights direct into Edinburgh Airport from North America & the Middle East , and it’s a short hop of less than an hour from London with flights from under £100.00

My personal favourite way to travel to Scotland is to take the train . You can get there without the hassle of airport security straight from central London and take the Caledonian Sleeper, the ultimate way to travel , get into bed in England at 11pm and wake up in Scotland in the morning.

Here’s a sneak peek  inside a sleeper berth

Where to stay ? 

Edinburgh has over 20,000 beds in the city from hostels to hotels to Air bnb’s. The key is to book early, like at least 3-6 months in advance as Edinburgh doesn’t really have an off peak season. For Edinburgh accommodation go to http://www.visitscotland.com

Want more information ? 

To find out more about  Edinburgh and its festivals , check out http://www.edinburghfestivalsedinburgh.com                              

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