Citizen M Hotels, Tower of London – The Review 

​Here at ESST , we are always on the hunt for affordable luxury travel experiences. So whenCitizen M ( stands for Mobile Citizen in case your wondering ) opened their new flagship hotel slap bang next to London’s  Tower of London, I thought it high time I went & checked them out. 

For leisure travellers the location is excellent, it’s yards from Tower Hill tube station and the Thames Clipper if you fancy taking to the river & you can see the Tower of London from the entrance. 

When entering Citizen M the first thing that hits you is how homely  it feels . No formalities , no hovering staff here. 


In fact here, you check yourself in and out 

The styling of the communal areas, is done to make it feel like your own living room to entice you out of your  room to mix with your fellow citizens.

There’s even a 24 hour bar , which is always a good sign. 

The rooms at every Citizen M are exactly the same, functional but with a sense of fun. Take a look at the in room video below 👇🏼

What I liked about the rooms is firstly the bed It’s HUGE . If you like starfishing this is the hotel for you. And whilst the room is pretty basic it’s the added extras that make it. 

Each room comes with its own I pad, which acts as a control panel. It controls the snazzy mood lighting , the tv and the window blinds. 

 It’s also full of useful information about your destination,  which I thought was helpful and I referred to it a couple of times for eating out recommendations. 

But one  of the best things I loved here  was the Free Movies, and not old crap ones either, the latest blockbusters, which I literally binged watched half the night. 

 And playing with the mood lighting in the shower was pretty fun too 

The room does come with a mini fridge, and couple bottles of  water , anything else you’ll need to venture downstairs. 

If you don’t have breakfast as part of your room rate , it’s a tad pricey at £13.50 each, but it is a buffet, so make sure you fill your plate. If you don’t fancy a full breakfast, then there’s also a cafe where you can grab a coffee to go.

And if you don’t have to rush off,  it’s a great space to get some work done. With Macs , free wifi and printers to use, Citizen M  is also suitable for the business traveller. 

Room at Citizen M Tower of London start at £129.00 per night . 

Citizen M is now at nine locations including New York , Amsterdam and Paris. For more information check out their website 
Please note Citizen M kindly hosted me for the night in order for me to write this review.

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