Street Art Sunday #Dubai 

Dubai  and Street Art , are not two words usually found in the same sentence, that maybe because that graffiti is still illegal in the United Arab Emirates. Any “street art”  is usually found in art galleries, or on removable canvases, but things maybe changing …… slowly. 

The London Police aka TLP street art
The London Police aka TLP

Last year in 2016 saw the inaugural Dubai Walls project, sixteen of the world’s most influential street artists from around the world, including Rone, Nick Walker, Rhoa, Beau Stanton and Blek Le Rat, put their stamp all over an open air shopping mall  (City Walk) in the Jumeirah district of Dubai.

Here’s a peek of some of my favorite pieces ….

“POPaganda” by Ron English
Beau Stanton street art dubai
Beau Stanton
EELUS street art dubai
Vhils streetart dubai
AKIO street art dubai
ICY and SOT street art Dubai
Minitures by SLINKACHU Dubai
Miniatures by SLINKACHU

Fancy checking out the walls for yourself ? , use the map below for rough locations.

 If you head for La Ville Hotel,  you’ll catch sight of Ben Eine’s amazing typography piece at the rear of the hotel, on the left hand side, you’ll then be able to pick up the route from there. 

Ben Eine typograpy street art dubai
Ben Eine typograpy street art

Map courtesy of Dubai Walls, for more info on the walls & the featured artists check out their website   


Another place  to spot street art in Dubai is the Second of December Street in Satwa district. A new public art initiative called ‘Dubai Street Museum’ is turning 2nd of December Street into a huge open air art gallery. The works are already underway, but overall the project will take five years to fully complete at various locations over the city.

Emirati Street Artist Ashwaq Abdulla Dubai
Local Emirati Street Artist Ashwaq Abdulla

If you jump out of the cab at the roundabout by the Chelsea Plaza Hotel, you can see the start of the street art from across the road.

Chelsea plaza hotel Dubai
Chelsea plaza hotel Dubai

If you walk the length of the street (approx 15 minutes stroll ) the street art is on both sides of the road, so keep your eyes peeled there are 16 pieces in all so far. 

Julia Vokhkova


DUBAI Street Art
Ernest Zacharevic
Julien Malland DUBAI Street Art
Julien Malland

DUBAI Street Art

DUBAI Street Art Hua Tunan
Hua Tunan
Case mc claim DUBAI Street Art
Case McClaim


For more information on the Open Air Gallery and new locations, check out the BRAND DUBAI website


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