Street Art Sunday #Walthamstow

When you think of London Street Art, Shoreditch immediately springs to mind, but I discovered a whole new street art hotspot in the unassuming London suburb of Walthamstow in April.

Granted it is going to take a bit more of an effort to see , and a car is advised as some pieces are pretty spread out, but, I assure you it’ll be worth it

Wood street walls logo

You can’t talk about Walthamstow Street Art, without mentioning the guys at Wood Street Walls. As well as supplying me with an extremely handy map of the Street Art. Wood Street Walls are the people in the know when it comes to street art in the area, and are responsible for matching artists with avalible walls in Walthamstow as well as running art events within the community.

Map of walthamstow street art
Walthamstow Street Art locations

Here’s some of my favorite pieces of my afternoon in Walthamstow, despite my best efforts it was impossible to get round every wall, so now I’ve got the perfect excuse to go back.

Alex void streetart walthamstow
Alex Void
SHOK-1 Street art walthamstow
Conor Harrington street art walthamstow
Conor Harrington
Louis Masai street art walthamstow
Louis Masai
Andrew Mc Gregor Street art Walthamstow
Andrew Mc Gregor
EELUS street art Walthamstow
Static street art walthamstow
Hunto street art walthamstow
Toaster street art Walthamstow
ATMA streetart Walthamstow
Remi Rough street art Walthamstow
Remi Rough
Lilly Lou street art Walthamstow
Lilly Lou

For more information on Wathamstow Street Art check out the  Wood Street Walls website

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