Street Art Sunday #Valencia 

June saw Street Art Sundays first trip to Spain, skipping the obvious Spanish street art capital of Barcelona , I ventured approx two hours down the south coast to the lesser known City of Valencia.

The Street Art scene in Valencia is dominated by a few prominant street artists who’s work is literally all over town.

David de Limon street art
Seeing Double with David de Limon

The most prolific is David DeLimon, his masked men are literally on every street corner of the city.

David de Limon Street Art
David de Limon

I attempted to do a count of all the masked men pieces i spotted over the weekend, but I admitted defeat at around 80 pieces.

David de Limon Street Art
David de Limon

Another prominant Street Artist is DEIH, you find his Zombie series pieces over walls large and small.

DEIH street art
DEIH street art
DEIH street art

Julieta, is one of the most prominant female street artists in Valencia. Her cartoon like little girls can be spotted all around the El Carmen district.

Julieta street art
Julieta street art
Julieta street art

During my Sunday wander , I stumbled upon graffiti artist Palomino Paradise doing a cover up of an old piece, and replacing it with a new design. check out the video below .

I made sure to pass back  to check out the new piece, later that afternoon, and the finished piece was pretty impressive !!

Palomino Paradise street art
Palomino Paradise

The best place to look for street art, is in the El Carmen district ( old town ) of Valencia. The winding back streets can be pretty confusing to navigate, so in the end I gave up trying to work out where we were, and just followed the art.

valencia street art
Getting lost in Valencia

Here’s some of my Valencia Street Art Sunday highlights …..

Xolaka street art valencia
Pixel Pancho street art
Pixel Pancho
Atila street art
Felipe Panotone street art
Felipe Panotone
ANER street art


Disneylexia street art
Escif – Falling Cars

Primarily a street art city, there were a few pockets of some great graffiti. The best examples can be found the rear of the Modern Art museum. Here’s the best bits below.

Valencia proved to be a great #StreetArtSunday destination , be sure to join me in Bristol on the 29th/ 30thJuly at Europes biggest Street Art Festival Upfest.

For more info on visiting the city of Valencia check out their tourist board website below

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