All about me

Welcome to Eat Sleep Shoot Travel Blog, my names Natasha the founder, photographer, writer , and all round travel dogsbody.

Just as it says on the ‘tin’ join me as I share my travel adventures both home in the UK and abroad, with 99 cities and counting under my belt , I’m happiest when heading off on a new travel adventure with my trusty camera in hand.

You’ll find my blog stuffed full to the brim with pictures, as an avid travel photographer I’m all about sharing the visuals of a city , if its quirky, if it makes me smile, tastes yummy or totally out of the ordinary, I’ll shoot it metaphorical speaking of course!!.

All images featured are my own unless stated and remain the property of Eat Sleep Shoot Travel Blog , I’m happy to share images with blogs & sites I like if your happy to do the same please send me an email at

I also like a bit of tweet when I’m on location so be sure to also catch me and follow on twitter at @ishootandtravel.

So I hereby declare Eat Sleep Shoot Travel Blog OPEN enjoy its gonna be emotional …



  1. Hey there Natasha. Nice to put a name and a face to the Twitter handle. Awesome too that you’re on wordpress so I can follow along on the reader. Pretty sure that you join us on #travchat over at Twitter town too don’t you? Anyhoo… now happily following along here. Cheers

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