#StreetArtSunday  Project 

One of my favorite things I like to do when I’m travelling, is get up early on a Sunday morning and go for bit of a wander with my camera and check out the local street art.

A rare street art find in Dubai .. 


In November 16 , I decided to start documenting my street art finds into  a photography project, and #StreetArtSunday was born.

One of my all time fav street artists is Thierry Noir  

What is #StreetArtSunday ? 

Street Art Sunday is a one day a month, live social media feature , where I travel to street art hot spot and tweet the best street art i can find via my twitter feed @ishootstreetart. I particularly like to try and include some street art festivals and live painting and will be incorporating some live video in the future. 

Six months later and I’ve covered Glasgow, Brighton, Bristol, Capetown, Hamburg, Walthamstow and surprisingly Dubai

Check out my first ever #StreetArtSunday post from Glasgow Here .. http://wp.me/p4AB93-17y


This summer I will be tweeting LIVE from Upfest, Europe’s largest street art festival in Bristol in July

Upfest street art festival

and then onto Waterford, Ireland for Waterford Walls in August

Waterford walls street art festival

Want to Host a #StreetArtSunday in your city ?

I’m always on the lookout for new street art cities / events to feature for #StreetArtSunday.

If your a Tourist Board / DMO or Festival Organiser and would like to host me  to do  a #StreetArtSunday feature in your city and or Art event to my audience, please drop me an email at Natasha@eatsleepshoottravel.com

With a growing monthly audience of over 100,000 Twitter users a #StreetArtSunday feature in your city is the perfect way to inspire locals and visitors alike to get out and explore.

Aprils #StreetArtSunday stats