#StreetArtSunday Project 

One of my favorite things I like to do when I’m travelling, is get up early on a Sunday morning, and go for bit of a wander with my camera, and check out the local street art.

FB_IMG_1507457723041.jpgChecking out some of Valencia’s best bits 

In November 2016 , I decided to start documenting my street art finds into a photography project, and #StreetArtSunday was born.

IMG_5831Work by one of my all time fav street artists Thierry Noir

What is #StreetArtSunday ?

Street Art Sunday is a one day a month, live social media feature , where I travel to street art hotspots, and tweet the best street art I can find, via my twitter feed @ishootstreetart.


During a typical #StreetArtSunday myself and my regular followers can send out over 100 tweets, which I can also include your destination’s hashtags for further exposure.



Since the start of the project  I’ve travelled to Glasgow, Brighton, Bristol, Capetown, Hamburg, Walthamstow, Shoreditch, Valencia, Ireland and surprisingly Dubai , (streetart is still currently illegal in Dubai) 

Not even rain stops play on a Street Art Sunday 

After each visit, I post a round up  post of the best bits,  which i share on my social media. Check out my first #StreetArtSunday round up post from Glasgow below. 



This summer I travelled to Upfest, Europe’s largest street art festival in Bristol , UK . 

Upfest street art festival

and then onto Waterford, Ireland for Waterford Walls in August

Waterford walls street art festival

Want to Host a #StreetArtSunday feature in your city ?

I’m always on the lookout for new Street Art Cities and Festivals to feature for a #StreetArtSunday.

A #StreetArtSunday feature in your city, is the perfect way to inspire locals and visitors alike to get out and explore.


If your a Tourist Board / DMO or Festival Organiser and would like to host me for a #StreetArtSunday feature in your city and/or Street Art Festival  to my audience, please drop me an email to have chat at :


Hosting Requirements 

I do not charge a fee for featuring a #StreetArtSunday in your city or festival but I do require hosting of my travel from my home in the UK  to your destination as well as two/ three nights accommodation usually over a long weekend 

Whats the ROI ?

With a growing monthly audience the #StreetArtSunday hashtag reached over 600k Twitter accounts and my @ishootstreetart feed had over one million impressions for #StreetArtSunday Waterford over a 24 hour period, I even got #StreetArtSunday trending on twitter!!.


(#StreetArtSunday stats for August )